Major Force
Real name: Clifford Zmeck
AKA: Major Tin-Foil
Species: Metahuman
Affiliations: Cadmus, Suicide Squad
Rogue of: Power Pack, Justice League
Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina and invulnerability,

Can project and control dark quantum energy

"That's Major Force to you, Wilson. And unlike you, I'm in this for my country, not my paycheck."
―Major Force[src]

Major Force, real name Clifford Zmeck, was a ex-U.S. Army Sergeant and metahuman who wields dark quantum powers.


Clifford Zmeck served in the United States Army with the rank of sergeant and was discharged for excessive loss of civilian life during his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. After he was court-martialed and jailed up until 2007 in which he was reported to have "vanished". In reality Zmeck was recruited by Project Cadmus and underwent a transformation that left him with a metallic body and capable of wielding dark quantum energy, earning the code-name Major Force.

Major Force joined the Suicide Squad and coming into conflict with the Justice League. Force displayed a hostile view towards Superman in which he blames him for, among others, "letting" General Zod to escape and sharing his control over Sentrius to the United Nations instead of America.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Major Force is coated with an unknown alloy which grant him access to Dark Quantum energy. In which this includes superhuman strength and durability, and projecting blasts of dark matter.


Major Force is a ruthless soldier, something that seems to predates his time in the U.S. army, willing to kill civilians for the sake of winning. He seems to justify his brutal actions with "serving his country", and in his mind sees himself as a "real" hero. He seems to have somewhat of a sadistic side, as he takes great pleasure and does not hesitate on using deadly force on those whom he perceives as his enemies (even children).

Background informationEdit

In DC Comics, Major Force was first introduced as an ally, then successor to Captain Atom. Eventually, Force's brutality betrayed his government-concocted role of superhero and brought him in frequent conflict with Atom, thus becoming his arch-enemy.

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