Mars planet-1-

Planet Mars

Mars is the fourth planet in the Solar System. Although the planet was named by Earth's astronomers, the native Martians (mar'u'ni: "people") called their world mar'u'noth ("home").

Geographic FeaturesEdit

Flora and FuanaEdit

Despite the possible believe of Mars unable to support life, there are some known organisms that have adapted to the thin atmosphere and the light gravity. The Martians for example have no problem with it.

Large bird-like creatures are the only lifeforms found to fly and are possibly apex predators.


Many centuries ago, Mars was once green and verdant until a massive asteroid impacted it, altering its orbit, pushing it further from the sun. The Martian people had to adapt to survive their planet's harsher climate.

In the 1930s, Mars was invaded by the nomadic Chitauri and became the major epicenter of the conflict in the Solar System. This conflict led to the extinction of the Martian race after the Chitauri were repel from the Solar System following massive losses of their own to Mars' defense system.

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