Mary Storm
Mary Storm
Species: Human
Relatives: Susan Storm (daughter)
Johnny Storm (son)
Affiliations: Project Cadmus
Abilities: Genius-level intelligence

Mary Storm is a scientist and the estranged mother of Susan and Johnny Storm.


Dr. Mary Storm was responsible for leading an expedition in re-discovering Atlantis and allowing the first encounter between the Fantastic Four and Namor. Storm claimed to be acting in the name of peace between Atlantis and the surface, but in reality was trying to obtain Atlantean technology. Once this was discovered, it increased Atlantis's distrust towards surface-dwellers, even if Namor was still willing to consider the FF as potential allies.

Once Doctor Storm learned about the advanced Kryptonian technology possessed by Superman at the Fortress of Solitude, she swiftly became interested in acquiring examples of Kryptonian technology, with her interest only mitigated slightly by the discovery that she would be unable to operate any of it due to the genetic coding.


Doctor Mary Storm's focus is exclusively on scientific progress, regarding moral issues and potential risks of dangerous technology as academic in the face of ensuring that humanity can develop further.


Family Edit

Mary's relationship with her children Susan and Johnny is shown to be heavily estranged, as her pursuit for scientific knowledge caused her to leave her family in second place, to the point they're never enthusiastic when they meet her, which stems from the fact she more often than not attempts to use them as leverage (such as the time she wanted to obtain Atlantean technology), or to clean up her messes. Following the incident that revealed Mary's allegiance to Cadmus, her apparent amorality angered and disgusted Susan so much she even threatened her into not allowing her mother to approach her unborn twins.

Background InformationEdit

Mary Storm is based on her Ultimate Marvel version.

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