"To think, there are those who wouldst call you - and us - evil for lording over them, as is right. I say let them do long as they call us masters."

The Masters of Evil is a name for a group of villains founded by Shinobi Shaw, Selene, Loki, and Ezekiel Stane.


Shinobi Shaw and Selene of the Hellfire Club allied with Loki of Asgard in seeking common grounds in eliminating their hated enemies: the Justice League and the Avengers. The triumvirate later approached and freed Ezekiel Stane from his recent battle with Iron Man and Batman, and offered him membership into their early alliance. It was Stane who was responsible for giving the name of their group: the "Masters of Evil."



The Masters of Evil are a recurring team of villains that fought the Avengers in Marvel Comics.

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