Maxima is the ruler of the planet Almerac.

Real name: Maxima
AKA: Head of the Royal House </br>
Species: Almeracian
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Base: Almerac
Affiliations: Royal House of Almerac
Abilities: Super strength
Psychokinetic manipulation
Weaponry: Sword

Story Edit

Maxima is heir to the royal family of Almerac. As a child, she heard stories of the gallant men of Krypton and she swore to oneday marry a Kryptonian as her king and "soul mate". She ascended the mantle of queen soon into her late teen or early adult years.

Obsessed with finding a husband, Maxima devoted more of her time to searching for a suitable man, and fighting potential suitors in single combat, than seeing to the needs of her people. She had lost hope of fulfilling her dream of marrying a Kryptonian, until she saw footage of Superman while he had been dragged to War World by Mongul. She became enamored with him, and decided to go to Earth to take him as a mate.

Unbeknownst to her, one of her advisers, actually the Dheronian Ty'rell in disguise took advantage of her infatuation in order to reach Earth and get their revenge against the remaining Kryptonians. While she caused havoc in her search for her mate, she was finally confronted by Superman himself, who rejected her advances. She became enraged and decided to kill Alison Blaire upon knowing that she was the object of Superman's affections, but the conflict between them was set aside after the Dheronians began their plan to destroy Earth, and she was forced to help them in fighting the invaders as she had been their unwitting pawn in their schemes.

Grudgingly accepting that Superman wouldn't marry her, Maxima decided to leave back to Almerac, but not before making a quick stop at Gluurplox's place in the Dro'Den system. At the time, she met the mercenary Lobo who decided to buy her a drink, and after a small chatter, she decided that she could make do with him for the time being.

Personality Edit

Maxima is queen on her home planet of Almerac, and as such, she is always used to have what she wants. Since she was a young girl, she heard stories of the gallant men from the planet Krypton and vowed that she would marry a Kryptonian who was worthy of marrying a queen. Although Maxima is forceful, spunky and seductive, she was easily threatened by Alison Blaire when she perceived she would get in the way of her and her soul mate, and will readily retort to physical violence at the slightest offense.

Powers and abilities Edit

As an Almeracian, Maxima posseses superhuman attributes, being much stronger physically than humans, although nowhere as strong as a Kryptonian. She also posseses psychokinetic abilities, which enable her to create weapons by solidifying air molecules.

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