Michael Matthews
Species: Human
Relatives: Valerie Matthews (Wife)

Duncan Matthews (son) Mitchell Matthews (Son)

Affiliations: Friends of Humanity

Michael Mathews is the father of Duncan and Mitchell Matthews and the abusive husband of his now estranged wife, Valerie Mathews


When Mutants and aliens were made public, Michael was one of those against allowing them into schools and acused Superman for 'assaulting' his son which was in fact the other way round as Duncan bruised his hand for trying to punch him. After getting Duncan out of prison, they were approached by Graydon Creed the leader of the Friends of Humanity and offered a place in his organization.

During the Pow-R8  crisis, he learned of it's poisonous effect on Mutants and gave Creed the idea of weaponizing the energy drink and baled Guy Spears out of jail to continue producing the drink. Once the energy drinks is turned into a bio-weapon for their planned assault against the Xavier Institute and mutant genocide, he sold it to a few fake companies and made Guy Spears' death a suicide.


Like his son, Michael has a strong hatred to non-humans, mostly on Mutants and Kryptonians as in his belief humans are pure and natural. Seems to favor his eldest son, Duncan then Mitchell which he is oblivious to the fact the youngest is a Mutant and abusive to his wife. He is not above committing genocide on Mutants using bio-weapons and joining the Friends of Humanity to 'protect' Humanity and even set up an assassination plot on Edward Kelly due to his support for co-existence between humans, non-humans and super-powered individuals.




The relationship with his wife was not as it appears as he shows an abusive side towards her and left physical wounds on her. Never telling her about his affiliation to the FOH until she found out what he has and his son have been up to, never shown to agree on her view on mutants.


Michael has shown to favor his eldest son for their common ideals against Mutants and non-humans, mostly towards Superman after the 'attack' on his son when he and his friends tried to attack the mutants at school.


So far Michael shows lack of support to Mitchell and not like his older brother, mainly to his interest in skateboarding which he believes is a waste of time. Remains unaware of his son's recent mutant powers and most likely to his hate towards mutants and non-humans, he is very likely to increase, it inflict harm on his youngest son without hesitation.


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