The Mutant Liberation Front, or MLF, was a mutant-supremacist group that was led by Magneto.


The Mutant Liberation Front was formed from a small splinter group of Genoshan mutants that were influenced by Magneto's prophecy of Superman being mutantkind's savior and becoming unsatisfied by the superhero's proclamation of human-mutant coexistence and his refusal to accept leadership over Genosha; which the MLF believed that they were betrayed and accused him as a "traitor". The MLF's activities began a month after the Sentinel incident and followed under Magneto's leadership.

Background informationEdit

In Marvel Comics, the Mutant Liberation Front were a group of young terrorist mutants, formed under the mutant time-traveler Stryfe, and were primarily the antagonist of the New Mutants, and their later incarnation, X-Force. After Stryfe's apparent death, the group reformed under Reignfire. The group was captured by members of Operation: Zero Tolerance and has since never been reformed.

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