Mysterio (Ultimate)
Real name: Quentin Beck
Species: Human
Affiliations: Sinister Six
Rogue of: Spider-Man
Abilities: Special effects expert and masterful illusionist
Weaponry: Holographic projectors

Mysterio, real name Quentin Beck, is a super-criminal specialize in creating illusions.


Quentin Beck was a special effects expert working for the film industry. He came to see his career in special effects as a dead-end job, but instead in utilized his talents to becoming an effective supervillain known as Mysterio. He first clashed with Spider-Man that subsequently ended with the illusionist in prison.

Mysterio later joins the Sinister Six in an attempt to steal the Lexo-Skel 3000, and battles the Justice League; which he and Shocker fought the Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl. After this, Mysterio was trapped by Green Lantern in a force-field and knocked out by the Flash.[1]


  1. The Last Son, Book Three: Changes, "The Price of Fame"

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