Species: Human/Atlantean
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: Namora (mother)
Namor (cousin)
Arthur Curry (cousin)
Base: Atlantis
Abilities: Aquatic adaptation;
Super strength;
High-speed swimming

Namorita is the daughter of Namora, and a princess of Atlantis. She is the cousin of Namor and Aquaman.


Namorita was born to Namora, the then queen of Atlantis, and a human father. Characterized as being very curious and fascinated with the surface world, Namorita is considered one of the Atlanteans that sees a positive relationship with the surface and often acting as a mediator in surface-Atlantis relationships alongside with her cousin Arthur.

Background informationEdit

In Marvel Comics, Namorita was a mutant clone of her mother, Namora. After Namora was killed by Llyra, Namorita was used by Llyra and Byrrah, another cousin of Namor, in a plot against Namor. However, Namor and Namorita would eventually unite to defeat Llyra and Byrrah. Namorita later emigrated to the surface and fell under the guardianship of Namor's long-time friend Betty Dean Prentiss - which Namorita went by the Prentiss name while in the surface world. Namorita subsequently joined the superhero team the New Warriors and unfortunately becoming one of the victims killed in the explosion at Stamford that started the Superhero Civil War.

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