Nir-El was a member of the House of El and an officer of the Kryptonian Defense Force.

Real name: Nir-El
AKA: Nirrie
Species: Kryptonian
Relatives: Von-El (ancestor)

Thara-El (mother)

Base: Krypton
Affiliations: House of El

Kryptonian Defense Force

History Edit

During the year 3045 B.C., Nir-El was a First-Lieutenant of the Kryptonian Defense Force, and was partnered with Second-Lieutenant Cira-Zod. At some point in life, he created the A.I. designated as DS-1-X69452-COM, later known as "Senna Trinus" and eventually Sentrius. He was researching on a project to make A.I's fully sentient and capable of independent action.

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