The Nocturnae Council was the ruling body of the global vampire nation.


The origins of the Council is said to originated in immemorial. The longest member of the Council was Lazarus. By the present day, the Council is responsible for maintaining the existence of vampire's secretly from the public and has been involved in organized crime and having an influence in the law enforcement community.

Since the appearance of the Justice League, the Council's projects had been severely cut down by the heroes' heroics and their connections to their agents in the police force being outed for "corruption allegations". The Council had initially considered the heroes as a nuisance before realizing their threat. The issue was exacerbated when the Warworld incident revealed to the world that Superman's powers were derived directly from the sun, causing a shock to vampire society to see that a being exist as a counterpart to vampire kind whom shy away from the deadly sunlight; the Council and vampires alike therefore saw Superman as an "Abomination" to their very eyes.


The Nocturnae Council is exclusive to members that are pure born vampires.

Background informationEdit

The Nocturnae Council is apparently based on the council of the House of Erebus from the first Blade movie.

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