The Orb of Agamotto was created by Agamotto, one of the three Vishanti, the legendary mystical entities who lend their power to worthy souls and who created many of the mystical artifacts that are spotted across Earth. The Orb allows one to see anything they so desire – be it a person, an object, or a destination. On its own, it is immensely useful.

When used in tandem with an Orb of Teleportation, however, its true value becomes apparent. Used this way, the Orbs allow the user to teleport absolutely anywhere, including across galaxies.

There are only two known Orbs: one is owned by Doctor Strange, and the other discovered by Doctor Doom after it was excavated from a Pacific island; the latter was destroyed by Superman when Doom attempted to offer him to use it to return to Krypton while not realizing of the planet's destruction.[1]


  1. The Last Son, Book Two: Reckonings, "Home"

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