The Penguin
Real name: Oswald Cobblepot
Species: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Base: Gotham City
Rogue of: Batman
Abilities: Criminal resources and connections
Weaponry: Trick umbrellas

The Penguin, real name Oswald Cobblepot, is a short rotund man known for his love of birds and his specialized umbrellas. He is one of the many criminals from Gotham City.


The Penguin would later attempt to fill the power vacuum that the Kingpin left after being forced out of Gotham by Batman. However, this led to a fierce competition between him and the other criminal organizations. Penguin became an unexpected target for the Punisher, who was being manipulated by the Joker, during a weapons shipment. Batman and the Justice League intervened in saving Penguin that which left the entire warehouse housing the weapons destroyed in an explosion. Due to the destruction caused by the Punisher, Penguin was able to walk free as the evidences pinned on him were also gone in the conflagration.[1]


The Penguin is based on his animated version in The Batman. In this continuity, the Penguin is primarily concerned with reestablishing the Cobblepot family name in society by stealing from the citizens of Gotham to rebuild his wealth. While he shares the comic incarnation's love for birds and aristocratic look, this Penguin retained a deformed appearance more similar to the Batman Returns incarnation, with orange hair instead of black and more sharp, pointy teeth.


  1. The Last Son, Book Three: Changes, "Punishment"

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