Perry White
Species: Human
Relatives: Alice Perry (wife, deceased)

Richard Perry (Son, deceased)

Perry White was the Editor-in-Chief of the New York newspaper the Daily Planet. He made an influential impact on his employee and later partner, J. Jonah Jameson.


White was highly regarded by his former pupil J. Jonah Jameson as "a news legend" and dedicated in publishing honest stories. He continued to worked as Editor-in-Chief in his sixties and was notable for his Elvis Presley anecdotes.

By the time of the September 11 attacks, White suffered the loss of his son Richard in the World Trade Center. Perry tried to put on a brave face, but everyone in the Planet knew the loss of his son killed him inside. His life was further worsen when his wife, Alice, succumbed to a stroke. Within several months later, he lost the will to live and peacefully past away in his sleep.

After his funeral, Perry's will had entitled his son to be owner of the Planet, but was left to Jonah Jameson.

Background informationEdit

In DC Comics, Perry White maintains very high ethical and journalistic standards. He is an archetypal image of the tough, irascible but fairminded boss. White's most well known catchphrases are "Great Caesar's ghost!" and "don't call me chief!"

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