"Phantoms" is the thirty-fourth chapter of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes.



Amanda Waller: If this is your way of suggesting you need better funding, Storm, there are easier ways to make a point.

General Zod: (first words) Who are you? How dare you wear the crest of the House of El! Identify yourself, this instant!

General Zod: (in Kryptonian) Oh, you stupid, stupid, STUPID primitive! Do you have even the slightest IDEA what you've done?
Mary Storm: (gulping) What did he say?
Power Girl: He called you a dumbass. A monumental dumbass, in fact!

Spider-Man: You mean how there's a bunch of unformed portals to a prison-dimension floating across the continent? Yeah, we got the memo.
Green Lantern: Sad to say, we can't say we're exactly surprised.
Storm: But how did this happen?
Power Girl: Well, you see…Dr. Storm, Sue's mother…
Beast: Got it.

General Zod: We should be able to reach it, but not before it reaches either an active terminal, or a container of heated beverage.
Phantom: Coffee?
General Zod: I assume so.

General Zod: (strangling General Lassider) You miserable little primitive! You dare to try and steal Krypton's knowledge – even using me to do so – and after we save your worthless lives, you have the audacity to threaten us? If we were on the bridge of one of Krypton's warships, I WOULD TOSS YOUR MISERABLE HIDES INTO SPACE!

Nick Fury: First the kid's pet, then his girlfriend, then his cousin and robot butler, and now his godfather…I swear, that kid's whole family must've made a hobby out of giving me headaches.


Background informationEdit

  • According to the author, this story is partially inspired by Kevin J. Anderson's The Last Days of Krypton.
  • "Phantoms" also share a similar title and premise of the first season episode of Legion of Super Heroes.

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