The Pride are a group of super-powered criminals who worship the Gibborim, and the parents of the Runaways.


At some point in the past, the people that would form the Pride were contacted by the Gibborim and offered promises of greater power in exchange for freeing the Gibborim from their native dimension and taking over the Pride's reality. This required an annual arcane sacrifice of female humans, preferably mutants, in order to break the barrier between the realities of the Pride and the Gibborim, and allowing the very latter to escape. However, the Pride's own children discovered their parents' dark secret and made every effort to stopping their parents' plans. The Pride retaliated by framing their children, who then are forced on the run and became known as the "Runaways."

Despite the actions of the Runaways, the Pride came close to freeing their Gibborim masters by offering their final sacrifice. They were approached by the mutant Sinister, who offered their help in their search for the final sacrifice by capturing the X-Man Rogue as their offering. Sinister only wanted the vast amount of mutant energies from Rogue as part of his plans to revive Apocalypse. However, the Pride's actions brought them to the attention of Magneto and his Acolytes and eventually the Justice League and X-Men. Although Rogue was saved, the Pride were able to bring a Gibborim to Earth. Shortly after, Superman and Supergirl, Kryptonian enemies of the Gibborim, brought Phantom Zone-based weapons which intimidated the Gibborim into fleeing back to their dimension, much to the Pride's dismay as they witnessed their efforts fall into nothing. Defeated, the Pride were then arrested by the authorities.

Background InformationEdit

While the Pride in Marvel Comics consisted of villainous families with various strengths - criminal organisers, scientists, magic-wielders, aliens, time-travellers, and mutants - the Pride in this universe are all from Earth, with no aliens or time-travellers present.

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