Project Cadmus was a secret division of the United States government dedicated to countering superhuman, alien, and other supernatural threats.


The origins of Cadmus is underdetermined on whether it was created prior to or after the existence of Mutants and Superman were exposed to the public. Unlike other government organizations that regulate super-humans such as S.H.I.E.L.D., Cadmus dealt in secrecy and devotion of preparing countermeasures against super-natural threats that endanger the United States and abroad. Most particularly Superman and his Justice League should they ever go rogue.

In the aftermath of General Zod's attack, Project Cadmus was reorganized in which General Thaddeus Ross replaced General Lassider and the creation of the Suicide Squad.


Cadmus AgentsEdit

Background informationEdit

In DC Comics, the organization that would later be called Cadmus has its origins in the early 1970s as the D.N.A. Project. The D.N.A. Project was later re-named as "Project Cadmus" after the hero of Greek mythology who "grew" warriors from the teeth of a dragon. Among other things, it was responsible for the creation of the Post-Crisis version of Superboy, from gene samples extracted from both Superman and Lex Luthor (originally he was said to be the clone of Cadmus executive director Paul Westfield with restructured DNA).

Aside sharing the same depictions in Justice League Unlimited, the Last Son version of Cadmus shared some elements from Project 7734, which was created to safeguard the planet Earth against extraterrestrial threats, including Kryptonians.

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