Real name: St. John Allerdyce
Species: Mutant
Affiliations: Acolytes
Rogue of: X-Men, Justice League
Abilities: Pyrokinesis
Weaponry: Flamethrower

Pyro, real name St. John Allerdyce, was a mutant who possesses the power to control flames and was a member of the Acolytes.


St. John Allerdyce is hailed from Australia and at some point in his life developed his mutant powers. Dubbing himself Pyro, he joined Magneto's Acolytes based not on agreeing with Magneto's ideology of mutant supremacy, but because out of pure amusement.


Pyro is a mutant who has the psionic ability to manipulate flame by shaping it as he desires, increasing or decreasing its heat, intensity, and size. He cannot actually create fire himself, however, and consequently wears a specially insulated costume with a built-in flamethrower that can throw a stream of flame.

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