"Revolution X" is the fifth and sixth chapter of The Last Son, Book Four: Destinies. The Friends of Humanity make their move to begin their genetical war against Mutants.  



Part OneEdit

William Stryker: It does my heart good to see so many good Christians here, especially on such short notice! With so much evil in this world, Lord knows we need every good soul we have to stand against it!

Donnie Drake: Mr Creed? Whatever team's gonna stick it to Bobby...can I be on that team?

Superman: "This is just the beginning, Kyrpper. Get off our planet, or things get worse, for you and your mutie pals"?

Supergirl: I wouldn't bother trying to convince him otherwise; judging by the broad characterizations he's been spouting, he and his siblings are beyond reason, now. Well, Randall, if you're going to spout baseless rhetoric, allow me to respond in kind! Prior to Krypton's destruction, Krypton had been debating whether or not to contact Earth, on and off over the past few centuries. The general consensus was that your species was not yet ready for interstellar contant, but a minority took it a step further. Based on our last assessment - during your Cold War - this group proposed that your people - given their apparent destructive, barbaric, and warmongering tendencies - would destroy themselves within a century, if that.

Black Canary: Yes, Mother, this is it. This is why we train in the use of our powers: to stop bad guys from hurting innocent people, deal with it.

Part TwoEdit


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