Species: Kryptonian
Relatives: Dru-Zod (descendant)
Affiliations: Twelve Wise Ones, House of Zod

Rol-Zod was a general during Krypton's Age of Wars and one of the Twelve Wise Ones.


Rol-Zod was the founder of the House of Zod and have fought through the Age of Wars, which at some point became an enemy of Von-El; although both Rol-Zod and Von-El held great respect for each other. At the closing end of the Age of Wars, Rol-Zod was among the generals that attended the Seven Army Conference and becoming the first to accepted Von-El's words in seek of peace that united Krypton. Rol-Zod later fought alongside Von-El in leading the Seven Armies against and defeating General Jax-Ur. After the end of the war, Rol-Zod passed a military tradition though his lineage to maintain peace on Krypton.

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