Ron (nicknamed "Ron the Rent-A-Cop") is a 50-year-old security cop working at the Galleria Mall. Ron thinks he is a real cop by coming up with codes that he just came up with that night. Ron rules the mall with an iron fist by punishing teens who hang out or work there for the most ridiculous actions.


Prior to working at the Galleria Mall, Ron had served in the military and served in the Vietnam War. It is speculated that his military service and the zero respect from the people he was fighting for made him to develop his gruff and hard-edge personality. Ron bears a great disliking to teenagers, and because of this, serves somewhat as an antagonist to the mall's usual patrons Nikki Wong, Jen Masterson, Wyatt Williams, Jonesy Garcia, Jude Lizowski, and Caitlin Cooke.

Background informationEdit

Ron the Rent-A-Cop is Galleria Mall's security cop, whose appearance and mannerisms bear striking similarities to both Christopher Walken and Clint Eastwood. He served as the antagonist for the main characters of 6teen. Ron has a severe hatred for teenagers, particularly the gang, considering them the "biggest threat to mall security in all history of threats to mall security". He is a Vietnam War Veteran (which brings his nationality into question, as Canada was not involved in that conflict) and is seen to have several sudden flashbacks of his days in the war in the least expected moments, something which has become a running gag throughout the series.

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