Species: Kryptonian
Relatives: Jor-El (son)

Lin-El (son)
Kal-El (grandson)
Lara-El (daughter-in-law)
Kara Zor-El (grand niece-in-law)
Von-El and Nir-El (ancestors)

Saer-El was a renown Kryptonian scientist. He is the father of Jor-El and Lin-El, and the grandfather of Kal-El.


Saer-El was a brilliant scientist, and was the man behind the Solara Project, a project that, if it had continued, would have ultimately led to the revival of Rao, Krypton's parent star, but the project was abandoned, and all researched connected to it placed in the guardianship of the El family after the Council realized that restoring Rao would also restore their people's long-lost abilities, abilities that, if regained, they feared would lead to another age of civil war.

A Kryptonian Warbot, nicknamed "Old Grouchy", stationed aboard Sentrius, was named by Saer-El, who developed its A.I, though he did not know it, the name he picked, Kolth Sur'Onon, means "Old Grouchy", the name of the WarBot, and Saer-El's personality, became somewhat of an inside joke in the Defence Force.


Although Saer-El was a brilliant scientist, he was also what some would call a die-hard traditionalist; he believed that both of his sons, Jor-El and Lin-El should follow his footsteps, and was rather unimpressed with Lin-El's decision to become an archaeologist, believing it to be a "lesser science". He also did not approve of Lin-El's marriage to Zira, a fellow archaeologist who was also a widow and mother. Saer-El also refused to fully acknowledge his step-granddaughter, Kara Zor-El only partially accepting her into the family after it was agreed that she would take the surname Zor-El, as he refused to let her take the full family name of El (which would have made her Kara-El). Saer's stubbornness on this matter, as well as his views on Lin's career choice, caused a lot of tension in the family.

Background informationEdit

In the dream-world experienced by Superman during chapter 33 "Identity Crisis, Part 2" of Book 3, it was revealed that Saer-El also disapproved of Kal-El's marriage to Alison Blaire, and subsequently refused to acknowledge their two children, Jay-El and Lira-El.

In the Superman: TAS series, Kal-El's grandfather is actually named Sul-Van, Lara's father (the image of whom was used for this article).

In various versions, Jor-El's father goes by either Jor-El I or Seyg-El.

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