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"Saturday at the Museum" is the fourteenth and fifteenth chapters of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes.



Part IEdit

Toad: Y'know…I never really thought violence solved anything, anyway…
Aresia: Oh, really? Well, then, cowardly filth…allow me to disagree.

Part IIEdit

Flash: Please tell me I'm not going to miss the Kung-Fu Movie Marathon.
Spider-Man: Aw, man, that's today? Of all the rotten luck…
Martian Manhunter: …which is becoming more rotten, as we speak.

Spider-Man: Look, Supes, I kinda think you're overreacting. I think that tin can's toast; we're in the clear…(the Annihilator burst out of the ground) …and then the clouds open up, and God says, "I hate you, Spider-Man".

Loki: Do not jest with me, Amazon; 'tis child's play. As long as thou hast not woken the Armour, thou shalt have little trouble.
(Aresia is silent)
Loki: Thou hast not woken it…hast thou?
Aresia: There was no choice..!

Aresia: I take orders from no man!
Siryn: As expected. I sometimes wonder why we bother.

Raven: You tried to hurt my friend.

Doctor Strange: You all know how powerful Clea and I are, so you will understand what I mean when I tell you that this young lady makes us both look like idiot children.


Background informationEdit

  • This story is partially based on the Justice League Unlimited episode "Hawk and Dove".
  • Aresia's ordeal with Raven is similar to Raven's battle with Dr. Light in the Teen Titan episode "Nevermore".

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