Real name: Jonathan Crane
Species: Human
Base: Gotham City
Rogue of: Batman
Abilities: Professor of psychology, expert in fear
Weaponry: Fear-inducing chemicals

The Scarecrow, real name Jonathan Crane, was a psychology professor turned supervillain.


Jonathan Crane was a discredited psychologist for his unorthodox research and obsession with fear. Since then, Crane turned to a life of crime and dubbed himself The Scarecrow (and adopting a costume along a similar vein), and becoming a part of Batman's rogues gallery. Alongside Killer Croc and the Riddler, he joined forces with the Joker after escaping Arkham to Bayville to assist his new friend later calling himself Arcade to built a horror theme park for the students who mistreated him.

Powers and abiltiesEdit

Jonathan Crane uses a vapourised neurotransmitter analog that triggers intense, irrational fear in the human brain, although Batman has managed to devise an antidote to the gas.


Background InformationEdit

The Scarecrow is one of the main enemies of the Batman that reside in Gotham.

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