"School Daze" is the second chapter of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes.



Principal Kelly: Something tells me that, whatever really happened at the pep-rally, people could have been hurt…but no-one even had a scratch. Furthermore, whatever that beast was, I'm pretty sure that it was your Kryptonian friend that saved me, that night. And as for the Dance-incident, I know I saw you and your friends fighting off those…whatever they were. (sighing) Are mutants a menace? I honestly don't know, Ms. Grey. That question is best left to philosophers and scientists…and I am neither.

Martian Manhunter: Try not to think of whoever put you up to this.

Chloe Sullivan: Can you believe that he threatened to sue the Institute for the fact that his kid was dumb enough to punch Superman? Like that'll stand up in court: "Yes, Your Honour, Superman broke my fist with his face." The judge might take pity on him…if he can stop laughing.

Winter Soldier: As long as I get paid and get a shot at Soldier-Boy, lady, it's fine with me.


Background informationEdit

  • This story is an adaption of the X-Men: Evolution episode "Mainstream".
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