Shinobi Shaw
Shinobi Shaw
AKA: Black Rook (later demoted to Black Pawn)
Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Relatives: Sebastian Shaw (father)
Affiliations: Masters of Evil, Hellfire Club
Rogue of: Superman, X-Men,
Justice League
"So…you show your true colours… My son…the common thug…"
Sebastian Shaw[src]

Shinobi Shaw is the son of Sebastian Shaw.


As the son of Sebastian Shaw, Shinobi lived a life of luxury, always seeming capable of buying his way through to get whatever he wanted. At some point, he attempted to make advances towards Alison Blaire who rejected him due to his arrogant and conceited nature. He would join the Hellfire Club and serve under his father for some time, while secretly planning to take over and seize the power for himself.

When his father took an interest in the alien superhero, Superman, Shinobi was less than impressed, and quickly became envious of his abilities, and even more when he learned that he had gained the affections of Alison. When Superman and his friends dismantled an opperation ran by his father to slip by a weapon shipment, in a bout of rage he attempted to confront the Kryptonian himself, only to receive a sound beating when the weaponry and his own powers proved useless against the hero's invulnerability, and later a lecture from his father for revealing the Inner Circle, which caused him to be demoted to the lowest rank within the circle.

Shinobi bid his time, even coming into posession of a Kryptonite dagger, and waited for the chance to stage a coup d'etat by appealing to the Hellions who were unsatisfied with Sebastian and Selene's current leadership, and also making a partnership with Donald Pierce, who took over the Sentinel Project and planned on using it for his own ends. He confronted his father and fatally shot him, and later confronted Superman directly once more, even managing to wound him with the Kryptonite dagger, but his plan was foiled by the timely intervention of Power Girl, forcing him to flee.

With his father gone, he assumed leadership of Shaw International, although he still seemed to live in fear of his father's return, when the news declared that his body was never found.

Later on, he would form a new team for himself, along with Selene, Loki, and later Ezekiel Stane, who named them as the Masters of Evil.


Powers and abiltiiesEdit

He has the ability to change his molecular structure, an example of this is the power to make himself able to turn intangible as well as disrupting the molecules of those he touched while in his intangible state.


An arrogant man raised in luxury, Shinobi Shaw suffered from a great shortcoming of personal arrogance, believing that he could defeat even Superman in a fight and lacking patience to implement more detailed plans.

Background InformationEdit