Real name: Than'al
AKA: Mister Sinister, Nathaniel Essex
Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Affiliations: Apocalypse, HYDRA
Rogue of: X-Men, Justice League
Abilities: Genius-level intelligence;

Superhuman strength, durability and longevity;

Sinister was a mutant geneticist and a follower of Apocalypse.


The man known as Sinister was Than'al, a vizier of Apocalypse in ancient Egypt. Despite his loyalties, Than'al was duplicitous in nature, which Apocalypse was even wary of that. When his master was imprisoned in the Great Sphinx by his enemies, Than'al along with Ozymandias escaped and plot in freeing Apocalypse. Through various means, Than'al made himself immortal and taken the identity of Sinister.

Under the alias of Nathaniel Essex, a geneticist and biologist, Sinister's goal was to find a away in searching the third key to Apocalypse's tomb. He became a mole in HYDRA and worked for them while secretly using the organization's resources in the benefits in finding the third key. Sinister later became the overseer of Project Galatea and responsible for creating Alison Blaire, a mutant-Kryptonian hybrid. The project granted Sinister the resources to create an army of mutant-Kryptonian soldiers for Apocalypse.

Background information Edit

In Marvel Comics, Sinister was 19th century biologist Nathaniel Essex obsessed with evolution and was shunned by his contemporaries for his unorthodox and heretical theories and experiments. After his encounter with Apocalypse, he made a pact with him to become virtually immortal and a persistent enemy of the X-Men.

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