Species: Robot
Eyes: Red
Affiliations: Booster Gold
Abilities: Information library; holographic projection; flight
Weaponry: Electromagnetic pulse generation, energy projection
Skeets is an artificial intelligence who serves as the assistant and robotic companion of Booster Gold.

History Edit

Skeets was originally a museum security droid. At some point in the future, he along with several other memorabilia was stolen from the museum by the menial man Michael Jon Carter, who traveled to the past to make himself a name as a superhero.

After christening himself as Booster Gold, Skeets was always at his side, often acting as his cheering section, presenting a promotional video to baffled onlookers. Skeets also acted as a scanning instrument and mobile library to assist Booster in his crime fighting, as well as using his own built-in weaponry to aid him in subduing the criminals.

After Booster's reckless actions had the unforeseen consequences of getting young Jaime Reyes captured by Cadmus' Suicide Squad, Skeets offered to assist in his rescue by acting as a beacon in deploying a virus from Sentrius to Cadmus' base with Booster acting as a distraction to help Superman and the Justice League to rescue Jaime. Unfortunately, the virus apparently overwhelmed him when he spread it through the Cadmus base, causing him to short-out.

Skeets later recovered and rejoined Booster as the two set off to prepare an operations base for him and Jaime (who decided to take the hero name Blue Beetle) to start working together.

Personality Edit

Skeets, despite being an artificial intelligence, also has a very distinct personality. Although he often speaks in a kind and respectful manner to everyone, even Booster, he does have a habit of showing signs of annoyance at his owner. At times Skeets will mutter sarcastic remarks, and he seems to have a dry wit in terms of humor. He is anxious to help Booster in whatever he needs, but at the same time will question his actions and motivation, for fear of what could result of them.

Powers and abilities Edit

Aside from being an artificial intelligence, Skeets is programed with an extensive database of information. However, his knowledge seems to carry assorted blindspots either caused by Booster Gold's involvement in the 21st Century or because information gaps from the era. He's also capable of using offensive weaponry, including electromagnetic pulses and projecting energy nets to capture enemies.

Background information Edit

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