A Solara Cell is a Kryptonian device that creates a miniature yellow sun.


The Solara Cell came to being from among many technologies produced under the Solara Project, led by Saer-El. Initially, the Solara Project was intended to reignite Krypton's sun, Rao, should the time come for it to start to die out. After a few years of research, Saer-El came to realize that reigniting Rao would become a yellow star, allowing the Kryptonians to regain their powers; in which he feared that the return of his people's powers could repeat the terrible wars of the Age of Wars. Saer-El abandoned the Solara Project with permission from the Council of Twelve, and its resulting technologies kept under safe guard by the House of El.

The Solara Cell was among the Kryptonian technologies that resided in the Fortress of Solitude. It was used by Superman during his first battle against Ronan the Accuser.

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