Solovar is the king of Gorilla City, which was created centuries ago as part of an experiment by the Kree.

Despite his peoples' long history of isolation, when circumstances resulted in the Justice League and the X-Men discovering Gorilla City while tracking a group of mercenaries, Solovar was willing to welcome them, having heard many stories from the outside world through his secret observations, noting in particular that the nobility of the Black Panther Clan- currently represented by T'Challa- was well-known. The League subsequently assisted Solovar in preserving his reign when Grodd, his chief of security, attempted to take control of the city for himself.

Solovar later provided his peoples' experience of Kree technology to assist in Earth's defence during the subsequent Kree-Skrull invasion, during which his people were united with fellow Kree experiments the Inhumans.

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