Real name: John Henry Irons
Species: Human
Abilities: Genius engineer and inventor;
Weaponry: Steelsuit, steel hammer

Steel, real name John Henry Irons, is an ally of the X-Men, X-Force and the Justice League.


A student at Bayville High, Irons was one of the few students who saw nothing wrong against mutants after coming to the defense of Spyke and has since becoming good friends with the Xavier Institute students. He spent his spare time working in his grandparents' junkyard, where he was able to develop a 'Steelsuit' from spare parts that would give the user enhanced strength, although the original version suffered from power supply problems. When AIM attempted to abduct Lex Luthor during the Bayville High Science Fair, Irons donned the Steelsuit to assist the New Mutants - the only heroes available to tackle the threat - in saving Luthor.

With Irons's Steelsuit having been sacrificed to destroy AIM's experiments, Lex provided him with access to the LexCorp labs to build a new version from their spare parts, while assuring Irons that the parts had all been discarded and therefore LexCorp would have no legal control over the suit unless Irons wished to give it to them. Irons later displayed the new Steelsuit to the Wakanda science academy, but ended up donning it himself once more to assist the X-Men and the Justice League in investigating an attack on Wakanda that resulted in the discovery of Gorilla City.

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