The Suicide Squad was a field black ops team of expendable and deniable specialists, mostly of questionable background, who carried out special missions for Project Cadmus.


The Suicide Squad was formed sometime in the aftermath of Project Cadmus' existence exposed to the public and General Zod's defeat. The team came under the direction of Deathstroke. All the other members were mercenaries, assassins, and court-martialed or retired soldiers (Although it was later revealed that team archer Hawkeye was actually an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent infiltrating the team on behalf of Nick Fury to keep an eye on them).

The Squad first saw action in apprehending Admiral Aelfyre Whitemane, a member of the Kymellian race, who became stranded on Earth, and the Power family for Cadmus's interest in Dr. James Power's anti-matter converter. The mission was a failure due to the intervention of the Justice League and the X-Men, and their new allies, the Power Pack.

After providing Black Cat with the means to stage a prison break-out, the Squad attempted to capture Spider-Man to interrogate him for information about the League when he appeared to halt the break-out, reasoning that he would be the easiest to interrogate, but the plan backfired due to the aid of the League and Spider-Man's temporary acquisition of an alien biotechnology that enhanced his powers while affecting his mood. Despite this, the Squad were able to recruit Black Cat as their newest member, as Amanda Waller felt that her skills could be useful.

By the time of their next appearance, Cadmus has acquired a new member for the Squad in the form of the Sentry, a being with powers similar to Superman's with mental vulnerabilities that they could exploit to keep him 'loyal'. Although their attempt to recruit time-traveller Booster Gold to the team fails when an encounter with the League prompts Gold to realise that there are lines he won't cross- also leading to a partnership between Gold and new hero Blue Beetle- Cadmus manages to acquire an 'inside man' in the X-Men by exploiting Rudy Jones' resentment of his treatment by the rest of the team.