Sunspot XME
Real name: Roberto Da Costa
Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Base: Xavier Institute
Affiliations: X-Force, New Mutants
Abilities: Solar absorption and rechanneling;

Projection of heat and light;
Concussive blasts

Sunspot, real name Roberto Da Costa, is a member of the New Mutants. A mutant, his power ability is derived from the sun, effectively allowing him to become a living solar panel. 


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Solar radiation absorption: The energy absorbed from the sun allows Sunspot to "power up" into an all-black radiating form and convert the solar energy into physical strength, thermonuclear thrust for flight, generate a bright orange fiery corona around his body, and absorb and re-channel both heat and light.


Background InformationEdit

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