Invisible Woman
Real name: Susan Storm
Species: Metahuman
Hair: Blonde
Relatives: Mary Storm (mother)
Johnny Storm (brother)
Reed Richards (husband)

Unborn twins (children)

Base: Baxter Building
Affiliations: Fantastic Four
Abilities: Invisibility

Projected Invisibility
Invisible Force Field Projection

Susan "Sue" Richards, nee Storm, (aka the "Invisible Woman") is a founding member of the Fantastic Four. Mutated by a malfunctioned quantum teleporter created by her love interest (now husband) Reed Richards, she has the ability to project force fields and becoming invisible.


Susan and her brother Johnny Storm were present during the testing of Reed's quantum teleporter that was unknowingly tampered by Victor van Damme. After the teleporter was activated, it gave Susan along with Johnny, Reed Richards, and Ben Grimm inhuman abilities. She gained the ability to generate force fields that could make her invisible as well as enabling her to levitate objects.

Following the incident, Susan along with her brother joined Reed and Ben as a team that became known as the Fantastic Four. During the Four's adventures, Susan became an object of infatuation for the Atlantean king Namor despite her already in love with Reed, and clashing with Victor van Damme, now known as Doctor Doom.

Susan and her team first encountered Superman while on the International Space Station in preparation to study a passing meteor shower. Superman helped the Four in repairing the damages to station caused by micro-meteor shower. In return for his help, Susan and the Four aided the Man of Steel and the X-Men in rescuing Nightcrawler and Forge from the Middleverse. Thereafter, Susan and her team learned of Superman's origins and agreed in keeping his Kryptonian origins a secret.

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