Tamaraneans are a humanoid alien species originary from planet Tamaran. Tamaraneans are humanoid in appearance, but are recognizable due to their characteristic orange-toned skin, red hair and green eyes, which are common among their race.

Biology Edit

Tamaraneans are mostly identical to humans in appearance, but they are still far from being the same, having a unique biology that allows them to perform amazing feats as well as a very uniquely named anatomy. Tamaraneans are also known have nine stomachs.

Language Edit

"Tamaranean" is also the name of their spoken language. They are also capable of learning foreign languages through lip contact, during which they learn said languages almost instantly, though the subtleties of the language may still elude them.

Society Edit

The Tamaraneans are ruled by the Grand Ruler of Tamaran. Tamaraneans also revere the god X'hal as their supreme deity and use his name as a respectful hailing.

The nemesis of the Tamaraneans are the Gordanians, a reptile-like warrior race with whom the Tamaraneans have fought many conflicts. Starfire and her family surrendered to the Gordanians as a bargaining chip so that the Gordanians would not invade Tamaran, and were used as guinea pigs for experiments.

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