"Tangled Webs" is the twentieth chapter of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes. The Green Goblin discovers Spider-Man's secret identity and blackmailed him in help freeing the Sinister Six by threatening his family and loved ones. Following his injuries inflicted by the Justice League, John Corben allies with the Goblin and becoming a Kryptonite-powered cyborg known as Metallo.



Spider-Man: Insects have six legs; arachnids have eight! How hard is that to understand? They're completely different types of organisms!
Green Goblin: Very true! But they both squash!

Green Goblin: I guess I was right, all along; all teenagers are idiots.

Daredevil: When you've been standing alone against the criminals here as long as I have, and seen as much as I have, then you get to question my methods. Kid, in ten years – hell, in five – you will be me.


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