Taryn Fujioka
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Base: Bayville

Taryn Fujioka is a 16-year-old Japanese-American student and a friend of Jean Grey.


Like Jean Grey, Taryn was one of the "popular" students attending Bayville High; she was on the soccer team with Jean, and the two had a fair bit in common. Like almost all the girls at her school, Taryn is a large fan of Superman. During Bayville High's soccer game that was gatecrashed by the Brotherhood, Taryn was saved from misfired fireworks by Superman himself and was very excited to see him for the first time. However, her memories of the events were wiped out by Professor Charles Xavier.

The revelation that Superman was an alien and the exposure of the existence of mutants did nothing to affect Taryn's admiration for Superman or her friendship with Jean. Indeed, she was actually quite impressed by it, and was among the Bayville High students who did not shun the group.

She appears to be in a relationship with Scott's friend Paul Andersen.

Personalities Edit


Background informationEdit

In X-Men: Evolution, Taryn houses a crush on Cyclops. At first, she is Jean's best friend, but when Jean Grey starts to develop feelings for Cyclops herself, becomes her most bitter rival. However, when Scott was outed as a mutant, she shunned him.

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