The Kryptonians categorized the technological advancement of civilizations into Classes. Every civilization the Kryptonians came into contact with were evaluated on certain behaviors as well as key technological developments.[1] The higher the Class number, the more advanced the civilization's technology is/was.

Class OneEdit

Class One is one of the most common and earliest stage of civilization. Societies have no space-flight technology, or very limited space-flight, and tend to know little about other worlds or their inhabitants.

Earth is categorized into this level and humanity is difficultly adjusting to the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Class TwoEdit

Class Two is which the species discovered space-flight, and possibly the existence of other species, but have yet to establish peaceful, cooperative relations with them.

The Kree and the Skrulls are examples of this level.

Class ThreeEdit

Class Three is which societies have established peaceful relations with their interplanetary neighbours, and freely exchange information and conduct fair trade.

This level is where the Galactic Confederacy came to be.

Class FourEdit

Class Four is where societies have advanced even further. Societies are mostly peaceful, with almost none of the internal problems such as crime, pollution, and war. There tends to be an increased emphasis on science and technology, although this isn't essential for the society. Societies also do trade with other societies for resources, but not as much as others.

Class FiveEdit

Class Five is essentially a continuation of the trend from Class Four. The only exception is their trade-needs are completely met, making them completely self-sufficient, and thus, do not carry out trade at all, or only in very rare circumstances, though they retain diplomatic relations with others.

Krypton considered itself a Class Five society, and maintained relations with a handful of other societies, such as Azarath, Kymellia, Oa and New Genesis.

Class SixEdit

Class Six is a special designation that is reserved for an entity, or society, capable of wiping out a Class Five society without contest. This level is incredibly rare, but they do exist.

Galactus and the Celestials are ranked as Class Six entities. In the past, Krypton has only ever dealt with two Class Six beings in its entire history, but each of them very nearly destroyed it.


  1. The Last Son, Book Three: Changes, "The Search for Sentrius"

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