"New Beginnings" is the seventh chapter of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes.



Kitty Pryde: Oh, she so likes you, John!
John Henry Irons: What? No, she was just being nice…
Lance Alvers: Are you serious, Irons? She was flirting with you; even One-Eye here could've seen that!
Scott Summers: Funny, Alvers.

Berzerker: What is it with girls and cheesy lines?
Jubilee: It's not a 'line' if the guy means it, Crisp! Would it kill guys these days to be a little romantic?
Android: Observation: in human male-female interaction, the display of behaviour in males deemed 'romantic' and 'sincere' is considered a suitable trait in a prospective partner.
Jubilee: See? Mark's a machine, and he gets it!
Android: Query: 'romantic behaviour' is presently unquantified. Please clarify.
Havok: Sorry, Metal-Head, but us guys have been trying to figure out what women want for centuries, and we're still stuck.
Android: Understood.

Professor Xavier: I must admit, the New Mutants have been improving considerably, but some of the missions the X-Men undertake are quite dangerous…
Superman: More dangerous than Logan's sessions?
Logan: Har har. Real funny, Flyboy.

John Henry Irons: John-Henry Irons, Mr. Luthor. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Lex Luthor: The pleasure is mine. But please, John, it's Lex; every time I hear "Mr. Luthor," I think my father is standing behind me.

A.I.M. commander: Well, Luthor, it looks like some of your little friends decided to play hero.
Lex Luthor: Well, when you're popular…

Clarissa Redmond: Mind if we get your name?
Lorna Dane: Actually, guys, this is… Uh…
Steel: The name, is Steel.

Superman: They're good enough to handle things; they might just be joining us on missions, soon.
Batman: I wouldn't encourage them too much, Kent. Give kids an inch, and they take a mile.
Superman: Let me guess; that's what happened with Robin and Batgirl, right?

Polaris: Do bad guys always have to have creepy-looking hideouts?
Havok: They probably get a union-discount.

Havok: Great: terrorists, computer-brains, and now plans for world-domination; I'll take 'Creepy Sci-Fi Movies' for 500, Alex.

A.I.M. trooper: You're…you're a Martian!!
Miss Martian: That's MISS Martian to you. Open the cell, or I tear your mind to shreds.

Lex Luthor: You guys, are absolutely, utterly, undoubtedly insane!
Iceman: Comes with the company you keep.

Superman: I guess we can't call 'em "the New Mutants," anymore, can we?
Robert Drake: True, but we're not exactly X-Men, either; it's just not our style.
Hawkgirl: Alright, then, since it's obvious you're all a force to be reckoned with, what should we call you?
Tina: Uh…how about "X-Force"?


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