Thunderbolt Ross
Thunderbolt Ross
Real name: Thaddeus Ross
AKA: Old Thunderbolt, Tad
Species: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Relatives: Betty Ross (daughter)
Affiliations: United States Army, Cadmus
Abilities: Expert military strategist

Brigadier General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross was a United States military officer, and usually the adversary of the Hulk.


Thaddeus Ross was born in Texas and became an experience soldier who risen to the rank of Brigadier General and becoming an old friend of Nick Fury. He was in charged of Bruce Banner's Gamma Project. His daughter, Betty, takes a liking to the young scientist, a fact which only enhances Ross' dislike for Banner. After Banner's transformation into the Hulk, Ross spends years chasing the monster and the most vocal in having him neutralized. After the Hulk was restrained by Superman and under the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ross considered the Hulk as Nick Fury's responsibility and won't hesitate to track down the Hulk if he escaped.

Almost a year later, Ross attended Lex Luthor's party for the demonstration of the Lexo-Skel 3000 and encountered Professor Charles Xavier and Ororo Munroe. Ross shared his knowledge with the couple that the United States government was fearful of the Justice League (which Ross termed them as "Person of Mass Destruction" (P.M.D.)) in which the General casually accept that precaution should the League would turn rogue.

In the months following General Zod's defeat, General Ross joined Project Cadmus.


Ross is a gritty, no-nonsense, all-work-and-no-play soldier who believes that actions speak louder than words and that what truly defines a man is hard work, an athletic build, and most of all, experience in heavy combat. He is proud, robust, and patriotic, and can be rather vicious towards any threat, real or perceived, to United States security, and the Hulk happens to be at the top of his hit-list. He views the Hulk as a danger to humanity that needs to be put down, though despite his beliefs, he will reluctantly back off when ordered to.

Despite his occasionally antagonistic behavior towards the Hulk, along with characters such as Superman, the X-Men, and the Justice League, Ross is far from truly villainous. He views these groups as a threat, but unlike extremist groups like the Friends of Humanity, he is not openly racist towards mutants or aliens as a whole, and has a strong sense of honor that comes with being a soldier of his caliber and degree of experience.

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