Chrissy, Kirsten, and Kristen (more commonly known as "The Clones") are Nikki Wong's co-workers at the Khaki Barn are her second worst nightmares.

Chrissy was the manager of the Khaki Barn, and the somewhat leader of the other two Clones. She's also the most intelligent (which is a stretch at best, as all three Clones are shown as being not very smart). Despite all looking nearly identical, Chrissy has short darker blonde hair and blue eyes, while Kristen has long blonde hair with a blue headband and green eyes, and Kirsten has her blonde hair tied up in a pony tail with a blue-green hair elastic and brown eyes. Chrissy is eighteen years old, and therefore is two years older than Kristen and Kirsten.

In 2006, when the Khaki Barn close for good Chrissy had a psychotic breakdown. Kirsten and Kristen turn out better and they begged for Nikki's help. Nikki actually had to force them to think on their own and they both found out they like different colors; Kristen chose pink and Kirsten chose blue, and they were okay with that. By 2009, Chrissy was still in the local psych-ward, but Kirsten and Kristen have move on with their lives and think for themselves.

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