"The Last Laugh" is the twenty-seventh chapter of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes.



Joker: Trust me, kiddo, before we're done, that frown of yours is gonna be upside-down for sure

Joker: (after electrocuting a student) 50,000-volt joy-buzzer; slays 'em, every time!

Scott: (deadpanned) Show of hands. Who around here goes through crap like this on a daily basis?

Riddler: I'm sure by now you've figured out the rules; each of us has our own little corner of Murderworld, and you've blundered into mine. On my territory, it's simple: answer my ridles, and you'll do fine. Get them wrong…
Jock: W-What if we're no good at riddles?
Riddler: Then pray that your turn doesn't come up, you pitiful Neanderthal.

Arcade: You hero-types really need to learn how to mind your own business.
Robin: Comes with the job. Which reminds me: you gonna come out to get your butt kicked, or should we just let ourselves in?
Arcade: By all means…come and get me.


Background informationEdit

  • Joker's use of an audience soundtrack is similar to the one in Batman: The Animated Series episode "Christmas with the Joker".
  • Joker kills someone with a joy buzzer like in Tim Burton's Batman.
  • The story may have been partially adapted from Alan Moore's Batman: The Killing Joke, where it also takes place at an abandoned amusement park.

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