"The Search for Sentrius" is the thirty-sixth, thirty-seventh, and thirty-eighth chapters of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes.



Part IEdit

Lana Lang: Warren. How are things?
Angel: Well enough. Dad wasn't fussy about my plan for the next few days.
Lana Lang: Few people are happy about anything regarding the next few days. I've had more than half my staff go on sabbatical leave; they think it's the end of the world. I'm not sure if they're wrong.

Brainiac: Self-preservation is a sufficient reason; organics have used it to justify many examples of illogical behaviour.

Brainiac: The House of El attempted to destroy me once; it is logical to conclude that its last heir will do so, again, especially after you notify him of my status. As the chronicler of all knowledge, I must survive.

Brainiac: By your own argument, Mark V, you have admitted your own defect; your attempts to suppress emotion are ineffective…
Brainiac 5: My attempts to suppress my EQ are nonexistent, Brainiac. Rather than suppress it, I embraced it. And it all became clear…like now.

Phantom: So…how was it?
Brainiac 5: I do not have the right words.
Phantom: Great? Wonderful? Fantastic? World-changing? Soul-moving?
Brainiac 5: I am uncertain; I have nothing to compare it to. Further study is needed.

Part IIEdit

Lobo: Frag yeah! Does the Main Man know how to make an entrance, or what?

Gambit: Word of advice, mon ami; never try stealin' from de T'ieves Guild.
Lobo: Word of advice, fanboy! NEVER piss off the Main Man!

(after Shadowcat phase Lobo into the ground)
Shadowcat: Rogue, drain him!
Rogue: Oh, hell no! Ah am not havin' that sicko runnin' loose in mah head, thank you very much!

Lobo: Have fun in hell, ya feebs! Tell the devil Lobo said to go frag himself!

Silver Surfer: Why do you even try? Why do the denizens of this world not leave? Do they think you will succeed?
Superman: You've seen the people of this world, Surfer. Why do you think they do not leave?
Silver Surfer: (realizing) They do not leave…because they cannot…

Frank Drake: Brothers fight, Bobby; remind me to tell you about me and your Uncle Stephen. Of course, neither of us ever made miniature skating-rinks in the shower...

Hellion: Yeah, that's just wonderful; you should have Disney make a movie.

Lobo: FRAG YEAH! Now THIS is first-class flying, baby!

Part IIIEdit

J. Jonah Jameson: Pay attention, everyone! If you've been reading our own headlines – and by God, you'd better be – you all know that tomorrow is the deadline for the invasion; this time tomorrow, our whole solar system could be going to hell in a handbasket! Now, since this city is probably on the invaders' hit-list, most of the folks around town who had any sense have already gotten clear of it, so if any of you want to get going, now's the time; nobody here's going to think any less of you. You'd have to be crazy to stick around with this old man!

Power Girl: Asking Lana Lang for help was hard enough…but Doom? Are you guys kidding me?
Ben Grimm: Hey, we ain't too fussy about the idea ourselves, blondie.
Johnny Storm: Hey, I'm with PG on this one, guys. When has us asking Vic for help ever gone well?

(the Fantastic Four and Power Girl sees an angry Latverian mob coming towards them)
Johnny Storm: Oh, great! A perfect end to a perfect day!
Reed Richards: We'll be okay, Johnny. We just have to stay calm…
Johnny Storm: Reed, are you kidding me? Have you even watched any classic horror-movies? The minute the angry mob shows up, it all goes to hell in a handbasket!

(Logan and Madelyn are at Macy's Bar and Grill)
Madelyn Pryor: We are minutes away from attending a briefing on the defence of our entire planet…and this is where you choose to go?
Logan: Obviously you never talked to Steve about some of the ass-hat missions we used to pull back in the War.

Deadpool: So, I hear you guys are gonna try and stop this whole invasion crap.
Logan: That's the plan.
Deadpool: Yeah, and I'm crazy
Logan: You got a better idea?
Deadpool: I dunno; guess I'm just waitin' to see what the author does.
Logan: The what?
Deadpool: You know! The author! The punk kid sittin' at his laptop thinkin' this shit up! Gotta say, I never thought he'd come up with somethin' this fucked-up; I mean, practically givin' something like that to this guy Zood…
Logan: Uh-huh.
Deadpool: Fine! Don't say I didn't warn ya! (after finishing his drink) So long, suckers!
(as Deadpool left)
Madelyn Pryor: He thinks…we're characters…in a story?
Logan: Sounds like it.
Madelyn Pryor: Now I need a drink.
Logan: Smart woman.


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