"Tidings of Comfort and Joy" is the eighteenth chapter of The Last Son, Book Three: Changes.


Green Lantern and HawkgirlEdit

Hawkgirl convinced a reluctant Green Lantern to spend the holidays together to a rough bar, Gluurplox's Eat-n'-Sleep, in a semi-condemned-looking space station in the Dro'Den System. While having a glass, an argument breaks out that erupts into a massive bar fight dubbed as "happy hour" and forcing Green Lantern and Hawkgirl to not "miss out" the occasion.

By the time "happy hour" had concluded, the entire bar is covered with the bodies of unconscious bar patrons, except for Green Lantern and Hawkgirl. The couple are drunk and telling their stories. Hawkgirl, in her stupor, reminiscent the death of her fiance Hro Krenoth that has stolen from her to ever having a family. She and Green Lantern then abruptly have a passionate kiss.

Mystique and J'onnEdit

Jean Grey and Scott SummersEdit

Jean and Scott spend their holidays at the former's parents, where they also meet Jean's aunt Madelyn Pryor.

The InstituteEdit

Kitty Pryde's parents, Bridget Blaire and her family, Martha Kent and Alfred Pennyworth visit the Xavier Institute.

Batman and Wonder WomanEdit

Siryn and Doctor DoomEdit

Justice LeagueEdit


Green Lantern wakes up from his hangover and find himself nude in bed with a woman. When he sees the woman, she turns out to be Hawkgirl. The two had made a one-night stand much to their shock.


K'imm: I'm still having trouble figuring this whole time of year out. Most of the others here celebrate 'Christmas,' but Kitty and her family celebrate 'Hanukkah'; which is it?
J'onn: It is both, K'imm. The religious holidays of Judaism and Christianity overlap at this time of year; as such, many families, of both religions, reunite during this month.
K'imm: Oh. But…if this whole time is about family and spirituality…then why is there such a big fuss over gifts and decorations.
J'onn: (sigh) That I do not know.

(while playing pool)
Logan: You sure you ain't cheatin', Fishy?
Namor: Ignoring the insult, Logan, I am sure I need not point out that it is hardly necessary to cheat when only a rudimentary understanding of geometry is required.


  • Lobo briefly appears at the bar known as "'Lo" while intoxicated and incoherently telling his attempted bounty on Superman that will happened in "Worlds at War".
  • Hawkgirl's complaint about Admiral Var's visit to Earth and her true intentions for Superman occurred in "Matters of State".

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