Real name: Tinya Wazzo
AKA: Phantom, formerly Ghost
Species: Bgztlian
Hair: Black
Relatives: Winema Wazzo (mother)
Margaret Wilkinson (foster mother)
Base: Xavier Institute
Affiliations: X-Force
New Mutants
Abilities: Invisibility/Intangibility

Tinya Wazzo is a Bgztlian who has the power to turn intangible. She is goes by the codename Phantom and a member of X-Force.


Abducted as a young child, Tinya Wazzo crash-landed on Earth, the trauma of the experience causing her to forget her original identity and past; she assumed that she was an orphan called Tina whose parents died in a fire. As a result, 'Tina' grew up thinking that she was only human, with her initial power of invisibility believed to be nothing more than a mutation. Although her foster parents turned her out, Tina was recovered by Power Girl when she found Tina in an alley, Power Girl subsequently taking her to the institute, where she became a member of the New Mutants.

As the team continued to expand into X-Force and Tina's powers evolved to include intangibility as well as invisibility, she developed a particular relationship with Mark, an android sent to Earth by Brainiac, but this relationship was complicated both by Tina's discovery of her real heritage - prompting her to leave Earth for a time to reconnect with her mother -, and Mark's programming causing him to shut down when he experienced heightened emotion. However, after a confrontation with Brainiac, Mark was able to transfer himself into a new, techno-organic body, allowing him and Tina to continue their relationship.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Initially, Tinya's powers appeared to be simple invisibility, generating an energy field that turned her body invisible. She was also able to pass on this field to others, turning them invisible as well. After prolonged training at the institute, she learned that her field also allowed her to alter her dimensional state, allowing her to pass through other objects as she no longer existed in the same dimension as the thing she was passing through.


Initially a timid personality due to her foster mother's abuse, Tinya's confidence has grown during her time in X-Force and her new relationship with Mark, allowing her to stand up to X-23 on her own and even confront Brainiac directly.


Background informationEdit

Tinya Wazzo is better known as Phantom Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes in DC Comics. Her Last Son version is based on her Pre-Zero Hour incarnation, such as her mother being an esteemed politician of the United Planets (with the obvious exception of her being alive in the present day rather than the 31st century). She was created by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney and first appears in Action Comics #276 (May 1961).