The Traveler Shrine is an ancient housing of a Kryptonian spaceship that belonged to Kon-Lir that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean, outside of Atlantean territory in the 16th Century.


In the past, Kon-Lir traveled to Earth on a survey mission but to unwittingly intervene in a space battle between the Kree and the Skrulls over the planet. Both sides immediately attacked Kon-Lir's vessel, but only for the ship to effectively decimated the Kree and Skrulls and forcing them to retreat from Earth; however, Kon-Lir's vessel took heavy damage and crash landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Upon landfall, the vessel was damaged beyond repair. The native Atlanteans came into a misunderstanding conflict with Kon-Lir that left them utterly terrified of the Kryptonian. Henceforth, the Atlanteans referred to Kon-Lir's people as the "Travelers" and turning Kon-Lira's intact vessel into a shrine in the belief that the "Traveler" would return for it and sparing from being attack for stealing it.

For the next hundreds of years, the Atlanteans had treated the shrine with little curiosity as its significance faded into mystery and legend. Interest into the shrine was resume by Namorita, who correctly speculated the shrine's object to be a spaceship. Superman, whom was searching for the vessel, soon directly learned from the Atlantean princess during his reunion with Aquaman and his first meeting with that of Namor.

He, the Fantastic Four, and Aquaman traveled to the shrine where they removed the stones that covered the ship and finding the vessel's weak EPM that was keeping it long to withstand the underwater pressure. Superman replaced its EPM with a new one and managed to salvaged the vessel.[1]

The Atlanteans later nearly panicked over the missing craft once it became public knowledge in which Namor had prevented.[2]


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