Species: Kryptonian
Relatives: Nir-El, Jor-El, and Kal-El (descendants)
Affiliations: Twelve Wise Ones
Weaponry: Sword of El

Von-El was the founder of the House of El and the Twelve Wise Ones.


In Krypton's ancient history, Von-El along with eleven others, ended the Great War on Krypton, and laying the foundations of modern Kryptonian society. Von-El, along with his eleven companions, was a telempath, who have the ability that allows them to understand the minds and hearts of others.

Due to their abilities, Von-El and his friends were known as the Twelve Wise Ones, which enabled them to negotiate peace. Von-El and the Twelve played a pivotal role in ending the Age of Wars; in which Von-El personally defeated Jax-Ur, the key instigator of the endless conflict. According to legends, Von-El threw his blade, the Sword of El, into the sky, and told his fellows to do the same. That day marked the end of all warfare between the people of Krypton. It is also said in legend that the Creator have left a memoriam to Von-El and the rest of the Twelve for all time, by creating a constellation known as the Blade of Von-El, to remind all of Krypton how peace was won.

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