X-Force was the name assumed by the former New Mutants after they successfully completed their first independent mission without the aid or supervision of the X-Men.


X-Force was formed when an AIM cell attempted to attack the Bayville High Science Fair to capture Lex Luthor; with a force field preventing the absent X-Men from thwarting the abduction, the then-New Mutants decided to tackle the crisis themselves. Aided by their new friend John Henry Irons- using a suit of armor he'd developed in his spare time-, they were able to deactivate the force field and protect the students from potential crossfire, with Superman, Batman and Hawkgirl subsequently accompanying them- while deferring to Iceman's leadership in acknowledgement of his successes so far- in tracking and rescuing Luthor. With the crisis resolved, Superman noted that it was time to consider the New Mutants graduates, with the team deciding to rename themselves 'X-Force' to reflect their status as separate from but connected to the X-Men.


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