Species: Martian
Relatives: J'onn J'onzz (husband)
K'imm (daughter)

Xi'aa was the wife of J'onn J'onzz and the mother of his daughter K'imm.

When Mars was invaded by the Chitauri, J'onn was shot down and crash-landed on Earth, while Xi'aa and K'imm were forced to put themselves in suspended animation when their home city's main power supply suffered from a serious radiation leak. Although Xi'aa was eventually able to send a subconscious psychic message to J'onn after he was detected and released by Professor X, Xi'aa was too badly injured by the radiation exposure to survive for long after she was awoken. Her last act was to telepathically share her life with her husband and daughter, assuring them that she would always love them, as well as 'prompting' J'onn to consider a new relationship with Mystique, who had already begun to develop feelings for him.

Background informationEdit

In most adaptations, her name is M'yri'ah.

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